Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 to 2014

It began in the very first
Few days from the start
With but a simple missed call,
She found her way in.

Half a dozen days later,
Came a day when I,
Found love in a heart
A beautiful mind, a passionate soul.

Months passed, and events too
Some were good, others blue
But in all the darkness
She was a friendly guide.

Then one day it happened,
Like a black storm in heaven,
That ripped us miles apart,
Till today, we've stayed that way.

In the midst of the storm,
I found the strength
To soar over the tempest
To glide alongside the eagle.

Reached heights never touched,
Seen sights rarely seen
But for the hard work they've done
I'd never be who I am today.

Rock bottom, then I hit
In the darkest day of despair,
He came to me,
A true friend in need.

I found happiness and joy
A newfound feeling of fellowship
In Him we found a common refuge
This very month, He came to save me.

In all, it's been the best
Year I've seen all along
All these ups and downs show
I am me, and I, am alive.

You've been very eventful, very 'happening'
I love you for what you've shown,
Lessons you've taught
I thank you for the people you've brought
and memories you've wrought.
With this 2013, I bid thee, Farewell.

And 2014,
I am in the fire,
I am burning,
I am now weak,
but I, am ready.

Wishing you all a very happy, prosperous, eventful and joy-filled year ahead.


Thursday, 26 December 2013


'A thing of beauty is a joy forever.'
John Keats

True beauty radiates from within. And it spread outwards. In everything that the person did, beauty was seen. She was one of the kind. Beauty overflowed from her, so much so, that there never has been anything to compare her to. Like precious metals and gems that come out manyfold stronger and brighter, she had been through so much that no other woman should ever have to endure.

Yet, unlike the countless others who have been brought down by life's cruel tricks, she found a way to use it to fuel the fire that blazes within her. A fire so very gentle, that it was very often mistaken for just embers left behind after a bonfire, was in reality a steady burning flame, that even the strongest of storms failed to douse. She found inspiration within herself, as she trusted no one. Every time she did, they showed her a reason not to. So now she realizes that for her sake, she must live life like nothing had ever happened, to walk with her head held high, to show the world that she would never give up. She would remain a fighter.

A glance at her radiant face revealed hardly anything to the casual bystander. To those she considered friends, knowing her was an honor, because although gentle, kind and outgoing, she kept acquaintances at a distance. She lived in the fortress she's built ground up, brick by brick. Forged in the fire of her heart and cooled by the tears that flow in the dark of the night, there was but a humble entrance into her being.

She let a few persons in, people she'd known for ages. She alone made the decision to bring them in, and treated them the way a true queen treats her people, with unmatched love, devotion and kindness. And being the ideal queen, she gave them free will. They could leave as they pleased, but one thing she made very clear, once they left the intricate pathways within her fortress, they would never be let back in, to her private sanctum. Yes, she would forgive them over and over and over, yet she remembered everything that had been said and done.

She is the woman the world looked up to, for a model.But, unknown to them, she walked amongst them, hidden in plain sight.

In the words of Johnny Depp,
'She's kind of a walking poem, she's this perfect beauty.. but at the same time very deep, very smart.'

A cold winter poem

This cool December night
Where tinsel and stars shine bright
Lost in a wave of affection,
Families and friends exchange greetings.

The grin on the child's face is contagious
It spreads from one to the other
As he rips apart the wrapping
In delight, he jumps.

Not a care in the world
Not a thing to worry
Daddy and mummy are there
They've always got him.

Surrounded by hugs, I can't help
The emotions that come running out
I watch the infant in the manger
And unnoticed, a single tear slips by.

It's a time of joy and merriness
but it's just not so without you
I'd walk with you this winter's night
In the merry Christmas light.

A few Christmases away
There awaits a single day
We'll come from afar
From when on, as one we stay.

Saturday, 21 December 2013


Tall, short, skinny and curvy
One sleeps too much, while another, hardly ever.
Serious, funny, gentle kings and queens of drama
Friendship knows no bias.

They come in like the breeze
Never know how or where from
One thing is for sure
When you need them, they'll be there.

There exist no boundaries
To how far you'd go with them.
They'll cuss with unimaginable things
From unforgivable swears to a simple 'butthead'.

Even with all this, you know
They've got your back.
In all the nonsense you go through
There's always advice with your friends.

Your friends define the person
Others see yourself to be
Look at them, you'll see
Who you are, and what you'll be.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


In this very moment
Lost in the ecstasy
Drowned in a memory
Written amongst the stars.

To perceive such beauty
To know unquestioned devotion
To experience unshakable love
That's love in life.

Feeling these feelings
Thinking these thoughts
Remembering these memories
Despite what's said,
They're ineffable.

Sunday, 15 December 2013


In a world made by strangers
She lives in one that's hers
Though at night tears may fall
She'd rather die, than let it show.

Everyday is a new day
The dawn of a new life
Nothing from the yesterday
Will keep her from today.

She'll take tomorrow
What it brings, when it comes
The pain she's been through
Gives her strength, to face it all.

In her is a goddess
Made from solid steel
Sculpted by hands,that are her own
She is her sculptor, but denies it.

When everything's dark and bleak
She needs a little spark
To ignite the blazing fire
That further strengthen her passionate soul.

She speaks what she feels
She feels what she is
She is what she says
She, is a true rebel.


Head touching the ground,
Feet up in the air
I'm on the couch
I think I've lost my sanity.

Running where people wouldn't walk
Talking where not a word is said
Being places I really shouldn't
Guess I've found insanity.

Where it's no, I see yes
Where it's push, I see pull
Where it's go, i see stop
I think I've definitely lost it.

I used to think I was a rebel
One thing's for sure
I do what others don't
Yup! It's definitely gone.

Where could it be?
Who might have it?
I now realize, how could I
Lose something that was never mine?

Friday, 13 December 2013


am not perfect
I know I'll never be
But today I realized
I don't want to be.

The world may seem unfair
Trying to keep me from getting there
But I will just not give up
To be there, I'll always strive.

Though all the little gains
Are overshadowed pain
I continue to build this sculpture
From the base up.

I want to look back one day
Read all that's been written
Walking along this way
Will be the sweetest memory.

I want progress
I want moving forward
With all my faults and flaws
I will keep moving on.

Impatiently Waiting

As the day winds down, the crowd builds
The sun descends on a concrete jungle
To rise again in another place
The end of the week is here.

All around me they sit
In a world, that's the same as mine
Yet not a word is shared,
Each one's lost in a trail of thought.

To a wife waiting to go shopping,
To children longing for an outing
To parents and all their love-filled shouting
We are all here, impatiently waiting.

The radio sings gently
and I watch the people around me
The man beside, talks incessantly
To a colleague, who listens with a smile

It's been a long time, I hear him yell
To a friend, just yards away
I wish to hear their conversation till the end
Till a couple whiz me by, taking my attention astray.

Slowly slowly, I inch forward
I've been here a while
I want to go home
Yes! The line's getting shorter.

Finally, at last, I reach the front
When the light turns green,
No more waiting, I can go home
I've had enough today,
Stuck in traffic, like everyday.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Lightning and Thunder

I lay here in the dark
The endless skies above me flash
The roar of the raging thunder
Music to these ears.

Nostalgia comes gushing forth
Of days lived and times unspoken
Triggered by these signs of majesty
Now what could have been or will be.

The beach is where I'd love to be
Watch nature in all her glory
You by me, and the skies above
I now have all I'll ever need.

Caught in the eye of the storm
Don't fret, I've got you
This storm cloud will pass,
And the sun will shine.

As lightning streaks across they sky
Effortlessly, you came into this heart
A path I thought to be hidden in the dark
She walked in, like she'd walked it all along.

Home is where the heart will be
With me is where you should be
I'd hold your hand, never to let go
In this heart's your true home.


In the months gone by,

There never was a name
As beautiful as hers
There never was a face
As precious as hers was to him.

There never was fairness in the world
Cold and cruel it's always been
There never was a man who loved his woman
Like he loved her.

There never was a day gone by
Without her crossing his mind
There never was a greater understatement
Because she filled his heart and soul.

Monday, 9 December 2013

The Moon and beyond

To the moon and beyond
I'd follow you,
For that's where my heart's found
It's true home, with you.

To the stars if you flew
Find you there I would
We will make it right through
In time, it will all turn good.

Away from this here,
To a place we belong
We'll be together,
You've just got to be strong.

To you

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Thank You

A while ago, scrolling through my blog, I happened to realize one thing. I've changed. From the emotional wreck that I was, to a more focused and struggling-to-achieve-perfection kind of guy. The journey is long and hard, and I've only taken the first few steps. A lifetime of hard work, fights, struggles and pain lies in front of me. But this time, I will be prepared. When life knocks you down, get back up, brush the dust off and say, you hit like a bitch. Believe me, you'll only come out stronger.

So, I now take this time to thank all my readers. Yes, it's not much, but being new to the blogging world, it is a big deal for me. Thank you guys for all the love and support! I wouldn't have made it through till here without you!  Because of you guys, I am now focused on my fitness goals and also am working towards creating better pieces of poetry. 
Thanks again. 


Saturday, 7 December 2013

In Your Eyes

In your eyes I find redemption
In your tears, perfection
In you, an embodiment of devotion.
In you, a reflection.

The fire in your eyes completes me
The passion in your heart fills me
The love in your soul, enthralls me
You, fascinate me.

Patiently here, I wait
In fleeting serenade
These two hearts beat as one
For one day, we'll be together, under the sun.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Your Voice

Words fail to express
How much you mean to me
I know we're meant to be
How I miss your lovely face!

The Lion and the sheep

The Lion doesn't care what the sheep thinks. Then why should you?
Be Strong. Train like a Beast. Your Beauty will come along eventually.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Beautiful People don't just happen

Very often, the hardest struggles we must go through, are the ones with ourselves - our insecurities, fears and weaknesses. We all have them. The pain, that working to overcome them brings, is much more intense and seemingly unbearable, but it is the most worthwhile and rewarding pain there is. Those who have endured it, are sure to stand the test of time. This one's for you, all who need a little reassurance. You are beautiful. You are strong. Everything's going to be alright.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


The most beautiful beauty on the planet. Ever.
The 1967 Mustang GT500 - Eleanor
One day you will be mine, baby. One day.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


If we lived in a perfect world
You'd be here, my hands in your hair
A face so perfect, the world would stare
You make the rest blurred.

If I could, but hold you now
I'd hold you till the end of time
And beyond, you'd still be mine
Never wonder, why or how.

If we could have our way
We'd be together, forever
I'd be with you however, wherever
With you, I'll always stay.

If I had a brick for every single time
I think of you, I'd have enough
To build a bridge to get us through
To a land beyond the line.

If this little thing makes no sense
Do not fret, it's just me
It's the way I'll always be
I'll love you girl, in every tense.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Venusian's Envy

At the very edge here,
I see your eyes, they glitter
The black canvas without the stars
Is empty, me without you.

This star studded night
A little while past two
Hand in hand we walk
Hearts one, silently we talk.

Beauty so radiant,
Refuses to admit
She's a wonder
My light, worth every fight.

Cherry lips so beautiful,
Touch so gentle, eyes this radiant
Curling hair adorable
You're a Venusian's envy.

The waves splash below us
Apart, to tear us far
Try they may, with all their might
I'm not letting you go, you're my fight.

About a dream we've had
A love that we share
The sun, seas and shore
Makes me love you all the more.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Most often, Getting Up is the hardest thing to do.  You can choose to be sore or sorry. Either way, the choice is YOURS.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Till the End

Out here on the porch
Cold's chilly embrace around 
But amidst all this grey
All I feel is you.

Arms around your waist
Yours around mine
I'm gonna keep you close
Till the ends of time.

The way your hair falls across
A perfect face, that's yours.
Light up the world you do
I know, we'll make it through.

A hundred years or just five
I'd wait a lifetime to be
With you right next to me
Cos girl you're worth it.

With every raindrop that falls 
Out of the dark grey sky
My love for you all but grows
No matter what may come our way.

You're the gem I'd die for
There's no other to replace you
You're the angel sent from above
I'll always fight for you.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

No Name #2

I come alive in the night
You're the reason, my light.
With you by my side
I'll never have to hide.

Been through it all
Is what I want to say
With you with me, I'll never fall
Any night, nor any day.

You've made me me
The man I'm supposed to be
As long as you're mine,
I'm more than just fine.

Every face I see is you
Never thought you'd fill
My head like you do
Girl, you're the only one I see.

Together forever, we're meant to be
Say what they want
Nothing bothers me less
As long as I've got you.

One day we'll fly away
To where they'll never be
That day they will see
I always have and will love you.

Go get it!

Most people are all wishing and praying but do nothing to get what they want. Get out there and go get it! 

Monday, 11 November 2013

No Name #1

The first thought in my head
The only dream I have in bed
You're the only one for me
I only want to be, we.

No one gets me like you do
You're the first to ever see
In what I say or where i go
Words on paper, that's just me.

If my pillows could ever talk
They'd be screaming out your name
If you ever you were to fall
You know I'll be here, just the same.

These words, feel just right
To hold you for ever and ever
Hold hands with you is what i'd like
That's my heart's true desire.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Holding it back

Some days it takes all in me
All the strength I have left
To hold myself back from a place
Where all I do is break down and cry.

Each breath feels like a stab
Through a heavy punctured heart
This mind of mine gives no rest
'Cos you are that one missing piece.

As these words come out
I can’t hold it in any longer,
I lose it and the tears start filling up
Ready to spill, at any second.

This pain I feel is truly real
Although in my head,
It’s definitely real
The first time, it’s physical.

This connection we share
Is one they’ll never know
how it feels to be miles apart
Not to hear a word or sound.

Inspite of all this
Why is it hard to believe
To accept reality, that you’ll be there
For me at the end of this purgatory?

I really don’t know.
It could be my insecurity
Paranoia, or a premonition
But I do know you’ll be there for me tomorrow.

Your voice I could listen to
For the rest of my days
Soothing and understanding
I know you’ll be there.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Inspired by You

You saw the best in me
Things I still am yet to see
In my memory they will stay
Till I can one day say
I am what you said I would be.

Words fail to describe you
Challenges don’t keep you down
Burn them down you do
Burn them down, to the world of the dead.

I dream of you with me someday
Someplace far, someplace away
From the demons of past and demons of now
To slumber with you beside
And arise to see you so tender and calm.

Again I fear that will be just another
Dream of mine, like many other
Dream and plan and see and cram
My head with endless possibility

All such dreams never come to life
You and I both share that connection
What we dream is hardly ever to be
Dreams that fail to come to life.

Every night I hope and pray
Let this dream be a clip from the future
However distant, however far
I only want to be with you.

I’ve decided to give up my past
To forget all the wrong that I’ve done
Now I strive to what I know I can be
For now I have you, my inspiration
My guardian angel, my heart’s delight
I will do what I do best.

Write more, I will from now
For you lift all the cages around me
A silent prayer, a simple thought
Is all I want from you now.

All these words are you
All these thoughts are you
I wish I could inspire others, you used to say

Well girl, here you go, inspired by you.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Introduction to Evolved Chaos

Hi all,

This is a blog by just another confused soul wanting to vent a lifetime's worth of emotions. There will be posts that have a positive outlook, and there will be posts crying for long lost love.

I am no author or poet, i just let my heart control my hand and what comes on here is pure emotions in words. Sometimes when i need motivation, that little silent push, that keeps me going, i will be posting related stuff here as well.

All comments are heartily welcome.