Thursday, 26 December 2013


'A thing of beauty is a joy forever.'
John Keats

True beauty radiates from within. And it spread outwards. In everything that the person did, beauty was seen. She was one of the kind. Beauty overflowed from her, so much so, that there never has been anything to compare her to. Like precious metals and gems that come out manyfold stronger and brighter, she had been through so much that no other woman should ever have to endure.

Yet, unlike the countless others who have been brought down by life's cruel tricks, she found a way to use it to fuel the fire that blazes within her. A fire so very gentle, that it was very often mistaken for just embers left behind after a bonfire, was in reality a steady burning flame, that even the strongest of storms failed to douse. She found inspiration within herself, as she trusted no one. Every time she did, they showed her a reason not to. So now she realizes that for her sake, she must live life like nothing had ever happened, to walk with her head held high, to show the world that she would never give up. She would remain a fighter.

A glance at her radiant face revealed hardly anything to the casual bystander. To those she considered friends, knowing her was an honor, because although gentle, kind and outgoing, she kept acquaintances at a distance. She lived in the fortress she's built ground up, brick by brick. Forged in the fire of her heart and cooled by the tears that flow in the dark of the night, there was but a humble entrance into her being.

She let a few persons in, people she'd known for ages. She alone made the decision to bring them in, and treated them the way a true queen treats her people, with unmatched love, devotion and kindness. And being the ideal queen, she gave them free will. They could leave as they pleased, but one thing she made very clear, once they left the intricate pathways within her fortress, they would never be let back in, to her private sanctum. Yes, she would forgive them over and over and over, yet she remembered everything that had been said and done.

She is the woman the world looked up to, for a model.But, unknown to them, she walked amongst them, hidden in plain sight.

In the words of Johnny Depp,
'She's kind of a walking poem, she's this perfect beauty.. but at the same time very deep, very smart.'

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