Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Chasing Happiness

Looking everywhere
Ever in a race
Lifting rocks and boulders
In a never ending haste.

Ever in a quest
To seize the impossible
Man's greatest fault
Chasing happiness.

Friends, cafes, shared giggles
Books, music, paint
Family, strangers, a stray or a pet
Hidden in the mundane.

Stop. Take a pause;
take a breath.
If you'd only look
Happiness is all around.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Words in ink

It's all in my head,
these words, they don't suffice;
Stories from a time,
of pain, tears and love.

Trying desperately to win,
this struggle for words,
never thought I would be
lost for things to say.

Every word written here
Right from the heart.
Every circled i and crossed t
reminders of you and me.

The smell of you enthralls
The thought, captivates
The sight, warms
The touch, ecstasy.

Emotions come flooding
My heart feels warm,
never felt this way before,
Holding this letter;
holding you.

Monday, 28 July 2014

The woman in the mirror

This one's for whenever you doubt yourself or feel down.

Been repeated over and over
I've said it again and again
but I'll say it a million times if i have to,
You're amazing.

When everyone around's chasing
after fake, plastic beauty
Girl you stay true
The world needs more of you.

When all are engrossed in appearances,
No regard to health or wit
Standing out from the crowd
Babe,you are the best.

A mind as sharp as yours
with an equally rocking body;
you make every woman jealous.
Yes, be proud of yourself.

So look in that mirror
and see what i see:
The woman that I love, adore

Looking, smiling right back.

A million miles

Just like yesterday
The memory of you remains
Clearer than crystal,
I see your perfect face.

Swaying to the gentle rhythm
of the midday metro train
content here, across from you
I watch the girl of my dreams.

A gentle smile this way
Among friends to avoid trouble
in a world where anyone's a spy
wish it's just you and I.

People all around us,
yet all I see is you
As hair falls across your face,
that sight of you, stuck in my brain.

If this night would never end
I'd be below that one window
See you wave, see you smile
For you, I'd walk a million miles.


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Is it enough?

A world dominated by chaos
Nothing makes sense anymore
One trail after the other
Thought after thought, i wonder.

Is passion enough?
Does love alone suffice?
Blinded by prejudice;
all around, lies.

What happened to family,
Days when that was all a man cared?
Father and son, set out together
Mother and daughter, united as one.

Look around; presently you'll see
Everyone's changed from family.
what I want, what I like
Me, me and me.

What happened to chivalry
When everyone cared about each other
Honesty, forgiveness, compassion
All but souvenirs of the past.

Couples that run away
In unbroken love
It's all they need,
As long as they're together.

Where's asking permission;
Sincere, open, trusting relations
Blessings or misery, a harsh choice
Does love alone suffice?

Sometimes it does,
sometimes it doesn't
Heights of joy, depths of pain,
Love surely makes it all worthwhile.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Somewhere in Venice

Through the streets
In between canals
As day gave way to dusk
I found myself, lost.

Every step further
Deeper into the labyrinth
Amidst strange cafes and wines
Lost in a sinking city.

Wandering with a greater purpose
than to just come out
With every corner, passing turn
Finally begin seeing myself.

The gondolier sways the oar
Rowing the newly wed couple
A special day to remember,
Memories for a lifetime together.

The sun's finally gone
As the city bustles with life
A man walks to his upset woman,
An embrace, a kiss.

Life goes on, undaunted
The harsh truth forgotten
That beneath all this life
The city is slowly dying.

Then I walk out
The grand canal finally shows
That life in the moment is what matters,
When lost somewhere in Venice.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

A photograph

A simple, elegant moment.
A memory etched in time.
A smile so gentle on a beautiful face.
A goddess from heaven.

Every detail stands out
like a diamond in the rock;
She sure is the epitome
of all that is strength and beauty.

Framed at the perfect moment,
captured at the right second,
she turns any frown,
yes, upside down.

Like flashbacks in dreams
she's here every night.
In the depths of my heart,
the center of my mind.

Drifting off to sleep,
I hold you close,
next to my soul,
I still can't believe, you make me whole.

Tonight, as the night gives way
to another dawn, a gorgeous day,
I'd just take this time to say
I love you, every single day.

Though time may blur it,
and the colors get faded,
I'll forever keep;
This perfect photograph.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's Day / Singles Awareness Day 2014


[ ] Watch the sunrise
[ ] Enjoy beautiful music
[ ] Breakfast in bed 
[ ] Watch a movie
[ ] Read a book
[ ] Have a hearty lunch
[ ] Lift some weights
[ ] Go to the beach 
[ ] Watch the sunset
[ ] Take a long walk, listen to more music
[ ] Meet friends
[ ] Dinner
[ ] Eat Dark Chocolate
[ ] Read in bed till late

It's all about loving, Yourself and your Other Half.

Here's a box of chocolates for you

To all couples: 
Happy Valentine's Day!

All single guys and gals:
Enjoy Singles Appreciation Day with a blast!


Thursday, 13 February 2014

Peace with the past

In battles with our day to day monsters, sometimes we wish we had back up. Something that gives us a little advantage, that winning edge. 

What if I said you do? What if I say, your past is the key to unlocking your future? 

Some of you would agree, others, not much so. Here's what I mean. 

Forgetting the past is just another form of denial. While it is a way of relief from the ever-haunting nightmares, this relief is only temporary. They tend to affect you, negatively, every time they come back. We go through what we do for a reason.

The demons of your past are the monsters that can out-roar any beast your future unleashes.  But to tame these wild beasts, we must first make peace with them. An understanding of the reason and events that led to the demons being released in the past is critical. Once this has been accomplished, the demons will no longer haunt you. Instead, they become your personal attack dogs, giving you the strength and power to defeat anything that comes your way, effortlessly. Though taming them is no easy task, trust me, it will be worth it.

It's Valentines eve and here I am, in front of my computer, reminiscing the past. And I think it is safe to say, I'm getting there. I'm in the process of making peace with the demons of my past, and it is happening. Slow, yes, but progress nevertheless. I am beginning to feel proud of myself, of the man I'm growing into. And I am prepared to face what the future holds in store for me. For that, I thank my past.


If dreams were memories,
I am lost in an eternal fantasy
Of a hidden, unspoken treasure;
Limitless, endless love.

I dream of your eyes,
Ever so sparkling,
A way to see your heart,
Caring, passionate and strong.

I dream of your face,
Radiant as ever,
With hair that falls across,
Making perfection all the more perfect.

I see your soul,
Ever so peaceful, silent 
It's true, as they say,
Still waters run deep.

ME before WE

'The higher your structure is to be, the deeper must be its foundation."
-Saint Augustine

People lean onto others for support. But when this 'leaning' turns into a parasitic dependence, that's when it becomes mutually unhealthy. It drains the lifeblood out of both individuals, leading to a not so happy ending. This usually happens when people look to others for support. Entirely. First it's only support and strength and then it turns out that how you feel depends completely on how the other person feels. Angry, frustrated, happy or upset. Pretty soon it ends with blaming the other for being down. Things then go pretty awry in the blink of an eye.

Don't fret, all hope isn't lost. Instead of turning to the other person for everything, take the time to build yourself. Map out your goals and targets. Plan out the action to get to where you want to be. Commit 100% to your career, goals, on being a better individual.  Do the Me before the WE. You gotta learn to be strong. Get the foundation to run deep and strong and you'll build yourself a tower that's got no limits. 

It's the journey to the destination that makes you strong, not the destination itself. Along the way, you'll meet a person who's just as hungry for their goals as you are. Instead of looking for the perfect partner, make yourself into what you want your other half to be. Then your relationship will thrive, and both of you will be able to maintain a healthy relationship with mutual support, trust, respect and love. Two identical halves make a perfect whole.

P.S : I don't mean to be negative in any way. I was surfing the web (as always) and happened to come across a related post. I'm only just expressing my opinion here. These things you see, are better expressed to an anonymous audience than to a familiar crowd. Also, sometimes, I don't even know the point of writing all these stuff anyway. (Haha)

Friday, 24 January 2014

Reflection on Life #1

"The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place and I don't care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it...nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward...”
-Rocky Balboa

Yes, I've come to quoting movie lines now. But few among us are strangers to the fact that the world is cold, cruel. It takes all of one's will and determination to constantly get back up when life puts us down. Very often we look back at life and all we see are mistakes, faults, things we could have done better, people we could have treated better. But the past is not the place to live. The Now is where we must be. Tomorrow is what we must live for.

The strength to face each day comes from within. Not from telling people how we feel, because, let's face it, we all know how that ends. Instead, it comes from acceptance. Accept the fact that what has happened, has happened. There's no changing it, no going back. We must accept our past as it is, squeeze the life out of it. Keep your innermost feelings and thoughts to yourself, and believe me, you'll be much better off.

Some people confuse this with withdrawal, hiding from the world. When, in reality, we are using this time, to lay the foundation for things to come. It is on this foundation of past mistakes and errors that we build the tower of our future. Lay your foundation well, and you ca be assured that your future will be what you make of it, what you want it to be.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Beautiful Nightmare

It was a chilly winter's day, just minutes before dawn. The gauge on the dashboard showed that the temperature was in the low two-digits. Outside, the cold, barren desert stretched out to every visible horizon and a thick fog rolled in from one side. As he glanced into the side mirror to check for traffic, something in the passenger seat caught his attention. It was her, and it never ceased to amaze him how, every time, something new about her came to his attention. Even after several years together, she was still a mystery to him. One that unfolded itself in the smallest and most seemingly unnoticeable ways.

This time, it wasn't one particular thing about her; it was the whole of her. Even though it was chilly outside, the air conditioning was on, because she liked it that way. Be it sunshine or rain, she loved feeling the cold air on her face. Although his eyes were on the road ahead she was in his sight.He watched the way the air played with her hair, swinging it from side to side across her face,the way her face seemed so radiant, accentuated by the innumerable streetlights that lit their way. That gentle, calm smile, one that comes from the trust and assurance that he would let no harm come her way. She knew her past troubles were behind her, that she was no longer alone, that they would face everything together.

His eyes shot open, and he looked around. She had disappeared. He realized he had been dreaming, that he was seeing things as he hoped they would be. Every night he dreamt of her, of them. And this he knew, was just one of many. Another beautiful nightmare.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Time flies

1 year,
52 weeks,
365 days,
8,760 hours,
525,000 minutes,
31,536,000 seconds,

People come and people go. Some stay, some don't. But one thing is certain, they leave their mark. They all give you memories, good ones and bad. The ones that leave, teach you life lessons. The ones that stay, do so to live memories with you. Either way, at the end of each day, all you're left with, are those memories.

She's one of them. The kind that leaves a lasting impression on you, make you want to live up to their expectations. She knew what you could do, saw what you never could. Made you want to be a better person, to face and overcome challenges together, to be her man.

Just over a year ago, we met, through the strangest of circumstances. Never expected it to happen this way. Through little conversations that lasted but a few minutes, we got to knowing each other. Soon, it was like we'd known each other all along.

Truly beautiful, calm and confident, with an intellect that matched, she never let the world see what she truly felt. Through a lifetime's worth of lessons learnt, she knew that it was foolish to trust blindly. Innocent as a child, yes, but with rivals like those she had, trust was something she could never give out freely.

There was a fire inside her. A slow, gentle fire, kindled by her passion to live, to laugh, to enjoy life. After we met, she said I was now, fuel to that fire. Now, though a storm rages incessantly around us, we know, the fire will never go out. That little fire, had grown, so much so, that it now resides in me too.

Though the dark storm keeps us apart, somehow I know, she's to stay. She's a keeper, my friends have said and without her, I'd be as good as dead.

A year is gone, without a word.
Several more, are yet to go.
But, here I wait, impatiently patient,

Yes, true to its word,
Time flies.