Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 to 2014

It began in the very first
Few days from the start
With but a simple missed call,
She found her way in.

Half a dozen days later,
Came a day when I,
Found love in a heart
A beautiful mind, a passionate soul.

Months passed, and events too
Some were good, others blue
But in all the darkness
She was a friendly guide.

Then one day it happened,
Like a black storm in heaven,
That ripped us miles apart,
Till today, we've stayed that way.

In the midst of the storm,
I found the strength
To soar over the tempest
To glide alongside the eagle.

Reached heights never touched,
Seen sights rarely seen
But for the hard work they've done
I'd never be who I am today.

Rock bottom, then I hit
In the darkest day of despair,
He came to me,
A true friend in need.

I found happiness and joy
A newfound feeling of fellowship
In Him we found a common refuge
This very month, He came to save me.

In all, it's been the best
Year I've seen all along
All these ups and downs show
I am me, and I, am alive.

You've been very eventful, very 'happening'
I love you for what you've shown,
Lessons you've taught
I thank you for the people you've brought
and memories you've wrought.
With this 2013, I bid thee, Farewell.

And 2014,
I am in the fire,
I am burning,
I am now weak,
but I, am ready.

Wishing you all a very happy, prosperous, eventful and joy-filled year ahead.


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