Thursday, 12 December 2013

Lightning and Thunder

I lay here in the dark
The endless skies above me flash
The roar of the raging thunder
Music to these ears.

Nostalgia comes gushing forth
Of days lived and times unspoken
Triggered by these signs of majesty
Now what could have been or will be.

The beach is where I'd love to be
Watch nature in all her glory
You by me, and the skies above
I now have all I'll ever need.

Caught in the eye of the storm
Don't fret, I've got you
This storm cloud will pass,
And the sun will shine.

As lightning streaks across they sky
Effortlessly, you came into this heart
A path I thought to be hidden in the dark
She walked in, like she'd walked it all along.

Home is where the heart will be
With me is where you should be
I'd hold your hand, never to let go
In this heart's your true home.

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