Friday, 13 December 2013

Impatiently Waiting

As the day winds down, the crowd builds
The sun descends on a concrete jungle
To rise again in another place
The end of the week is here.

All around me they sit
In a world, that's the same as mine
Yet not a word is shared,
Each one's lost in a trail of thought.

To a wife waiting to go shopping,
To children longing for an outing
To parents and all their love-filled shouting
We are all here, impatiently waiting.

The radio sings gently
and I watch the people around me
The man beside, talks incessantly
To a colleague, who listens with a smile

It's been a long time, I hear him yell
To a friend, just yards away
I wish to hear their conversation till the end
Till a couple whiz me by, taking my attention astray.

Slowly slowly, I inch forward
I've been here a while
I want to go home
Yes! The line's getting shorter.

Finally, at last, I reach the front
When the light turns green,
No more waiting, I can go home
I've had enough today,
Stuck in traffic, like everyday.

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