Saturday, 22 February 2014

A photograph

A simple, elegant moment.
A memory etched in time.
A smile so gentle on a beautiful face.
A goddess from heaven.

Every detail stands out
like a diamond in the rock;
She sure is the epitome
of all that is strength and beauty.

Framed at the perfect moment,
captured at the right second,
she turns any frown,
yes, upside down.

Like flashbacks in dreams
she's here every night.
In the depths of my heart,
the center of my mind.

Drifting off to sleep,
I hold you close,
next to my soul,
I still can't believe, you make me whole.

Tonight, as the night gives way
to another dawn, a gorgeous day,
I'd just take this time to say
I love you, every single day.

Though time may blur it,
and the colors get faded,
I'll forever keep;
This perfect photograph.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's Day / Singles Awareness Day 2014


[ ] Watch the sunrise
[ ] Enjoy beautiful music
[ ] Breakfast in bed 
[ ] Watch a movie
[ ] Read a book
[ ] Have a hearty lunch
[ ] Lift some weights
[ ] Go to the beach 
[ ] Watch the sunset
[ ] Take a long walk, listen to more music
[ ] Meet friends
[ ] Dinner
[ ] Eat Dark Chocolate
[ ] Read in bed till late

It's all about loving, Yourself and your Other Half.

Here's a box of chocolates for you

To all couples: 
Happy Valentine's Day!

All single guys and gals:
Enjoy Singles Appreciation Day with a blast!


Thursday, 13 February 2014

Peace with the past

In battles with our day to day monsters, sometimes we wish we had back up. Something that gives us a little advantage, that winning edge. 

What if I said you do? What if I say, your past is the key to unlocking your future? 

Some of you would agree, others, not much so. Here's what I mean. 

Forgetting the past is just another form of denial. While it is a way of relief from the ever-haunting nightmares, this relief is only temporary. They tend to affect you, negatively, every time they come back. We go through what we do for a reason.

The demons of your past are the monsters that can out-roar any beast your future unleashes.  But to tame these wild beasts, we must first make peace with them. An understanding of the reason and events that led to the demons being released in the past is critical. Once this has been accomplished, the demons will no longer haunt you. Instead, they become your personal attack dogs, giving you the strength and power to defeat anything that comes your way, effortlessly. Though taming them is no easy task, trust me, it will be worth it.

It's Valentines eve and here I am, in front of my computer, reminiscing the past. And I think it is safe to say, I'm getting there. I'm in the process of making peace with the demons of my past, and it is happening. Slow, yes, but progress nevertheless. I am beginning to feel proud of myself, of the man I'm growing into. And I am prepared to face what the future holds in store for me. For that, I thank my past.


If dreams were memories,
I am lost in an eternal fantasy
Of a hidden, unspoken treasure;
Limitless, endless love.

I dream of your eyes,
Ever so sparkling,
A way to see your heart,
Caring, passionate and strong.

I dream of your face,
Radiant as ever,
With hair that falls across,
Making perfection all the more perfect.

I see your soul,
Ever so peaceful, silent 
It's true, as they say,
Still waters run deep.

ME before WE

'The higher your structure is to be, the deeper must be its foundation."
-Saint Augustine

People lean onto others for support. But when this 'leaning' turns into a parasitic dependence, that's when it becomes mutually unhealthy. It drains the lifeblood out of both individuals, leading to a not so happy ending. This usually happens when people look to others for support. Entirely. First it's only support and strength and then it turns out that how you feel depends completely on how the other person feels. Angry, frustrated, happy or upset. Pretty soon it ends with blaming the other for being down. Things then go pretty awry in the blink of an eye.

Don't fret, all hope isn't lost. Instead of turning to the other person for everything, take the time to build yourself. Map out your goals and targets. Plan out the action to get to where you want to be. Commit 100% to your career, goals, on being a better individual.  Do the Me before the WE. You gotta learn to be strong. Get the foundation to run deep and strong and you'll build yourself a tower that's got no limits. 

It's the journey to the destination that makes you strong, not the destination itself. Along the way, you'll meet a person who's just as hungry for their goals as you are. Instead of looking for the perfect partner, make yourself into what you want your other half to be. Then your relationship will thrive, and both of you will be able to maintain a healthy relationship with mutual support, trust, respect and love. Two identical halves make a perfect whole.

P.S : I don't mean to be negative in any way. I was surfing the web (as always) and happened to come across a related post. I'm only just expressing my opinion here. These things you see, are better expressed to an anonymous audience than to a familiar crowd. Also, sometimes, I don't even know the point of writing all these stuff anyway. (Haha)