Thursday, 26 December 2013

A cold winter poem

This cool December night
Where tinsel and stars shine bright
Lost in a wave of affection,
Families and friends exchange greetings.

The grin on the child's face is contagious
It spreads from one to the other
As he rips apart the wrapping
In delight, he jumps.

Not a care in the world
Not a thing to worry
Daddy and mummy are there
They've always got him.

Surrounded by hugs, I can't help
The emotions that come running out
I watch the infant in the manger
And unnoticed, a single tear slips by.

It's a time of joy and merriness
but it's just not so without you
I'd walk with you this winter's night
In the merry Christmas light.

A few Christmases away
There awaits a single day
We'll come from afar
From when on, as one we stay.

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