Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Inspired by You

You saw the best in me
Things I still am yet to see
In my memory they will stay
Till I can one day say
I am what you said I would be.

Words fail to describe you
Challenges don’t keep you down
Burn them down you do
Burn them down, to the world of the dead.

I dream of you with me someday
Someplace far, someplace away
From the demons of past and demons of now
To slumber with you beside
And arise to see you so tender and calm.

Again I fear that will be just another
Dream of mine, like many other
Dream and plan and see and cram
My head with endless possibility

All such dreams never come to life
You and I both share that connection
What we dream is hardly ever to be
Dreams that fail to come to life.

Every night I hope and pray
Let this dream be a clip from the future
However distant, however far
I only want to be with you.

I’ve decided to give up my past
To forget all the wrong that I’ve done
Now I strive to what I know I can be
For now I have you, my inspiration
My guardian angel, my heart’s delight
I will do what I do best.

Write more, I will from now
For you lift all the cages around me
A silent prayer, a simple thought
Is all I want from you now.

All these words are you
All these thoughts are you
I wish I could inspire others, you used to say

Well girl, here you go, inspired by you.

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