Sunday, 17 November 2013

Till the End

Out here on the porch
Cold's chilly embrace around 
But amidst all this grey
All I feel is you.

Arms around your waist
Yours around mine
I'm gonna keep you close
Till the ends of time.

The way your hair falls across
A perfect face, that's yours.
Light up the world you do
I know, we'll make it through.

A hundred years or just five
I'd wait a lifetime to be
With you right next to me
Cos girl you're worth it.

With every raindrop that falls 
Out of the dark grey sky
My love for you all but grows
No matter what may come our way.

You're the gem I'd die for
There's no other to replace you
You're the angel sent from above
I'll always fight for you.

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