Thursday, 28 November 2013

Venusian's Envy

At the very edge here,
I see your eyes, they glitter
The black canvas without the stars
Is empty, me without you.

This star studded night
A little while past two
Hand in hand we walk
Hearts one, silently we talk.

Beauty so radiant,
Refuses to admit
She's a wonder
My light, worth every fight.

Cherry lips so beautiful,
Touch so gentle, eyes this radiant
Curling hair adorable
You're a Venusian's envy.

The waves splash below us
Apart, to tear us far
Try they may, with all their might
I'm not letting you go, you're my fight.

About a dream we've had
A love that we share
The sun, seas and shore
Makes me love you all the more.

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