Friday, 8 November 2013

Holding it back

Some days it takes all in me
All the strength I have left
To hold myself back from a place
Where all I do is break down and cry.

Each breath feels like a stab
Through a heavy punctured heart
This mind of mine gives no rest
'Cos you are that one missing piece.

As these words come out
I can’t hold it in any longer,
I lose it and the tears start filling up
Ready to spill, at any second.

This pain I feel is truly real
Although in my head,
It’s definitely real
The first time, it’s physical.

This connection we share
Is one they’ll never know
how it feels to be miles apart
Not to hear a word or sound.

Inspite of all this
Why is it hard to believe
To accept reality, that you’ll be there
For me at the end of this purgatory?

I really don’t know.
It could be my insecurity
Paranoia, or a premonition
But I do know you’ll be there for me tomorrow.

Your voice I could listen to
For the rest of my days
Soothing and understanding
I know you’ll be there.

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