Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Is it enough?

A world dominated by chaos
Nothing makes sense anymore
One trail after the other
Thought after thought, i wonder.

Is passion enough?
Does love alone suffice?
Blinded by prejudice;
all around, lies.

What happened to family,
Days when that was all a man cared?
Father and son, set out together
Mother and daughter, united as one.

Look around; presently you'll see
Everyone's changed from family.
what I want, what I like
Me, me and me.

What happened to chivalry
When everyone cared about each other
Honesty, forgiveness, compassion
All but souvenirs of the past.

Couples that run away
In unbroken love
It's all they need,
As long as they're together.

Where's asking permission;
Sincere, open, trusting relations
Blessings or misery, a harsh choice
Does love alone suffice?

Sometimes it does,
sometimes it doesn't
Heights of joy, depths of pain,
Love surely makes it all worthwhile.

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