Sunday, 20 April 2014

Somewhere in Venice

Through the streets
In between canals
As day gave way to dusk
I found myself, lost.

Every step further
Deeper into the labyrinth
Amidst strange cafes and wines
Lost in a sinking city.

Wandering with a greater purpose
than to just come out
With every corner, passing turn
Finally begin seeing myself.

The gondolier sways the oar
Rowing the newly wed couple
A special day to remember,
Memories for a lifetime together.

The sun's finally gone
As the city bustles with life
A man walks to his upset woman,
An embrace, a kiss.

Life goes on, undaunted
The harsh truth forgotten
That beneath all this life
The city is slowly dying.

Then I walk out
The grand canal finally shows
That life in the moment is what matters,
When lost somewhere in Venice.

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