Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Beautiful Nightmare

It was a chilly winter's day, just minutes before dawn. The gauge on the dashboard showed that the temperature was in the low two-digits. Outside, the cold, barren desert stretched out to every visible horizon and a thick fog rolled in from one side. As he glanced into the side mirror to check for traffic, something in the passenger seat caught his attention. It was her, and it never ceased to amaze him how, every time, something new about her came to his attention. Even after several years together, she was still a mystery to him. One that unfolded itself in the smallest and most seemingly unnoticeable ways.

This time, it wasn't one particular thing about her; it was the whole of her. Even though it was chilly outside, the air conditioning was on, because she liked it that way. Be it sunshine or rain, she loved feeling the cold air on her face. Although his eyes were on the road ahead she was in his sight.He watched the way the air played with her hair, swinging it from side to side across her face,the way her face seemed so radiant, accentuated by the innumerable streetlights that lit their way. That gentle, calm smile, one that comes from the trust and assurance that he would let no harm come her way. She knew her past troubles were behind her, that she was no longer alone, that they would face everything together.

His eyes shot open, and he looked around. She had disappeared. He realized he had been dreaming, that he was seeing things as he hoped they would be. Every night he dreamt of her, of them. And this he knew, was just one of many. Another beautiful nightmare.

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